Bulova Knight Ca.1938

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Rare Bulova center lug  "Knight"  Swallow Tail case from 1938.   Comes with original factory band in gold filled with center clasp.  Dial is in mint condition and case looks perfect...been in sock drawer for many years.  Movement is a caliber 7 AP with 21 jewels and has the half moon mark for 1938.  Haven't seen many of these ever and first one in 7 or 8 years.  Only produced for  a year or so and pretty rare to find one these days.  Case measures 23mm x 40mm ...really outstanding look and condition.  Attached copy of original 1938 ad and it was pretty expensive $42.50.....which would equate to about $700.00 in current terms.  If your looking for rare Bulova's don't miss this one!