Zenith " Signal Corp" WWl military
Zenith  "Signal Corp" WWI Military . Here's a piece of military history Marked &q..
$1,195.00 Ex Tax:$1,195.00
Zenith Favre Leuba Sterling Tonneau Ca.1915
Zenith  Favre-Leuba   Sterling Tonneau Ca. 1915      &n..
$950.00 Ex Tax:$950.00
Zenith George Muir 9k Gold Ca.1919
Mint condition on this little piece of history.   Produced in 1919 by Zenith Watch Company..
$1,095.00 Ex Tax:$1,095.00
Zenith Military
Zenith        "Military"     &..
$695.00 Ex Tax:$695.00
Zenith Signal Corp USA Ca. 1918
Zenith     "Signal Corp"   Ca. 1918    &..
$1,195.00 Ex Tax:$1,195.00
Zenith WWl Military
Zenith                WWI Mili..
$895.00 Ex Tax:$895.00

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