Wrist Watches

Gruen Masonic Dial
Gruen Masonic dial wrist watch from 70's in near mint original condition. Dial is original and i..
$395.00 Ex Tax:$395.00
Gruen Precision Alarm Ca. 1970
Mint condition on this 70's Gruen Alarm. Case has Chromium top with steel toner back with  ..
$495.00 Ex Tax:$495.00
Gruen Pulsation One Button Chrono Timer
Mint condition on this rare One Button Physicians'  Pulsation Chronograph.  Dial is in..
$2,495.00 Ex Tax:$2,495.00
H. Moser Pilots Watch 20's
H. Moser         Pilots Watch   20's &nbs..
$1,195.00 Ex Tax:$1,195.00
H. Moser Signal Corp USA Ca.1918
H. Moser    "Signal Corp U.S.A."   Ca. 1918     ..
$1,195.00 Ex Tax:$1,195.00
Hamilton Square Cut Corner No Seconds
Hamilton  "Square-Cut Corner"  No Seconds Ca. 1927 Very nice Hamilton "..
$595.00 Ex Tax:$595.00
Hamilton Bomb Timer Ca. 1943
Hamilton "Bomb Timer" Ca. 1943.  Mint condition on this Hamilton Bomb Timer from 1943..
$1,595.00 Ex Tax:$1,595.00
Hamilton Lambert Ca. 1950
Hamilton Lambert in very high condition from 1950. Case is gold filled and measures 26mm x 35.4mm ov..
$395.00 Ex Tax:$395.00
Hamilton 14k Hooded Lug Diamond Dial
Really nice Hamilton 14k  Hooded Lug with full diamond dial. Case is long and measures 21mm x 4..
$1,295.00 Ex Tax:$1,295.00
Hamilton 14k Wesley
HAMILTON     "Wesley"     Ca. 1941  &nbs..
$795.00 Ex Tax:$795.00
Hamilton 18k Gordon 1941
HAMILTON     "Gordon"  18k   Ca. 1941  &..
$1,295.00 Ex Tax:$1,295.00
Hamilton Bates 10k
Really nice all original Hamilton Bates in solid 10k case. Unique styling with stylized  lugs a..
$1,295.00 Ex Tax:$1,295.00
Hamilton Bentley 14k 1937
Hamilton Bentley Ca. 1937 in solid 14k gold case. All original and in very high condition overall. D..
$1,695.00 Ex Tax:$1,695.00
Hamilton Blade
Terrific condition on an asymetrical Hamilton Blade. Case is gold filled measuring 24mm x 34.5 mm an..
$595.00 Ex Tax:$595.00
Hamilton Bradford 14k
Really nice all original Hamilton Bradford in solid 14K gold. Has original Hamilton marked band and ..
$795.00 Ex Tax:$795.00
Hamilton Cameron 14k Ca. 1938 Packard Motors Award
HAMILTON     "Cameron"     Ca. 1938   &n..
$1,195.00 Ex Tax:$1,195.00
Hamilton Carlton Box and Papers 1949
Hamilton  Carlton in Box with papers like new condition from 1951.  Case is gold filled an..
$695.00 Ex Tax:$695.00
Hamilton Carlton Ca. 1951
Hamilton  Carlton in very high condition from 1951.  Case is gold filled and measures 25.6..
$395.00 Ex Tax:$395.00
Hamilton Clyde Ca.1950
Hamilton Clyde  in 10k gold filled was originally produced in 1950.  Movement is a Caliber..
$395.00 Ex Tax:$395.00
Hamilton Cross Country Ca.1956
Hamilton        Cross Country      ..
$795.00 Ex Tax:$795.00

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