Wrist Watches

Waltham Campton 14k Ca.1940
Rare Waltham "Campton" in four piece solid 14k gold  early waterproof case.  Cas..
$1,595.00 Ex Tax:$1,595.00
Waltham D.D Khaki 1917
Waltham D.D.  Khaki  watch from 1917 . Case is a sterling silver DePollier with original s..
$1,195.00 Ex Tax:$1,195.00
Waltham Day Date Rotating Bezel Ca. 1970
Mint condition on this 70's Waltham, Day Date with rotating bezel.  Case is all stainless s..
$399.00 Ex Tax:$399.00
Waltham Early Strap Multi-Color Dial
American Waltham   Early Strap Multi-Color Dial    Rare multi-color d..
$895.00 Ex Tax:$895.00
Waltham Enameled Bezel Tonneau Ca.1930
Waltham       30's Deco   Near mint condition on th..
$595.00 Ex Tax:$595.00
Waltham FSSC 88-W-800 USN Ca. 1943
Waltham FSSC 88-W-800 spec watches were produced for USN pilots and were essentially made to the sam..
$495.00 Ex Tax:$495.00
Waltham FSSC 88-W-800 USN Ca. 1943 USN Band
Waltham FSSC 88-W-800 spec watches were produced for USN pilots and were essentially made to the sam..
$595.00 Ex Tax:$595.00
Waltham Military Compass Ca. 1956
Waltham compass in original packaging ...dated 1956.  Compass is in unissued condition with ori..
$199.00 Ex Tax:$199.00
Waltham Multi Color Porcelain Dial Ca. 1910
Mint condition on this early Waltham strap watch with rare rope band.  Case is gold filled Wads..
$950.00 Ex Tax:$950.00
Waltham Premier Ca. '30's
Waltham Premier              &..
$295.00 Ex Tax:$295.00
Waltham Premier Gardner Ca.1940
Waltham Premier      "GARDNER"   Ca. 1940    ..
$395.00 Ex Tax:$395.00
Waltham Russian Lend Lease 1941
Very rare Waltham , Russian Lend Lease model from 1941.Case Engraving  on back is in Russian an..
$895.00 Ex Tax:$895.00
Waltham Sterling Ca.1919
Here's a piece of history....a very early Waltham with export dial (U.S.A.) under Waltham on dia..
$950.00 Ex Tax:$950.00
Waltham Sterling Khaki Depollier Military Ca. 1918
Waltham     "Khaki DePollier"  Sterling    &n..
$950.00 Ex Tax:$950.00
Waltham Sterling Pre-WWl Ca. 1912
Very rare early Waltham in Denison, Sterling,  English case.  Hallmarks are Silver, Birmin..
$950.00 Ex Tax:$950.00
Waltham Sterling WWI Cushion
Near mint condition on this early Waltham Sterling cushion with rare black porcelain dial.  Dia..
$895.00 Ex Tax:$895.00
Waltham Swing Lug Rare Multi-Color Emerald Dial Ca.1900
Rare and very early strap watch in swing lug case. Movement is an O size produced around 1891 with m..
$1,095.00 Ex Tax:$1,095.00
Waltham Triangular Masonic Watch Ca. 1950
This is a massive watch measuring 49mm lug to lug and 40mm across at the widest part of the triangul..
$1,095.00 Ex Tax:$1,095.00
Waltham WWl Strap Watch
Waltham WWI Military Strap Watch.  Case is solid Nickel with heavy lugs and requires pull throu..
$395.00 Ex Tax:$395.00
Waltham WWll Military
Waltham WWII Military Watch Very  high condition on this all original Waltham Military. Has the..
$495.00 Ex Tax:$495.00

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